Vlad Hrytsev

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Title: WEB developer

City: Kyiv

Uptime: Weekend

Resolution: 0x0


// I'm a software developer who specializes in creating digital experiences. I work as a full-stack web developer for my customers.

// I have experience being a part of teams of various sizes: from a small online store to a large issue tracker product.

// I don't stop myself from working only in the WEB domain, I also like to try myself in other environments: microcontrollers, desktop applications.


telegram: @jawell  

linkedin: Vlad Hrytsev  

email: hi@vladhrytsev.dev  


Stack: React.js (AtlasKit), Storybook

Stack: React.js (AtlasKit), Nest.js, PostgreSQL, Puppeteer

Stack: React.js (Fluent UI), Express, Dynamo DB, Redis

Stack: React.js (Material UI), Node.js, PostgreSQL, Arduino

Stack: Next.js (Ant.d), Next.js API, Mongo DB, GraphQL

Stack: React.js (Material UI), Nest.js, PostgreSQL, Auth0

Stack: React.js (Custom components), AWS Lambda, Mongo DB, Storybook

Stack: React.js (Material UI), Express, PostgreSQL, GraphQL

Stack: React.js (Material UI), Express, PostgreSQL, Google Maps API

Stack: React.js (Material UI), Laravel, PostgreSQL, Auth0